Copyright Info

Any content published on this website is property of Medway Public Library.

However, I used the work of many amazing artists to make the title and background for this website. So I’d like to give them all the credit and acknowledge that their work still belongs to them.

  • Harry Potter and the Owl were created by Corey Egbert.
  • Captain America was created by PGxSCRIBBLESx27.
  • Katniss was created by catsandscales.
  • All Super Mario images were created by Anne Bollman.
  • While I created the images of the “Okay.” speech bubbles, the original design was by Rodrigo Corral. (If you didn’t realize these are in reference to The Fault in Our Stars by John Green before, well, now you know. Read it. Really.)
  • Title font, Graff, created by Alejandra Yanez.
  • Title font, RetroElectro, created by Des Gomez.





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