Teens Review: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Maevis, middle schooler

This book is about a dyslexic boy named Percy who struggles to stay in school. He has been through 6 different schools in the past six years, and was kicked out of all of them. With his mother burning through saving when her jobs hardly pay, matters worsen when she gets married for the second time to a man named Gabe who plays poker, stinks, and hates Percy. Percy’s only friend is Grover, a boy nobody likes at school. One day, Percy and his class visit a museum. After Percy gets in trouble for pushing a classmate, his teacher who he hates takes him aside. Her eyes go cold and yells something about killing Percy. His other teacher tosses him a pen. After uncapping it, it turns into a sword. Slicing the teacher, she disappears. When he rejoins his class, nobody even knows who the teacher he sliced is. Who was the woman? Why didn’t anyone know about her? Where had she come from?
I really enjoyed this book. There was nothing bad about it and it was one of a kind. I definitely recommend it!

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