Teens Review: Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

Reviewed by Maevis, middle schooler

Melody can’t talk. Or move. She can’t do anything herself, and she can’t change that- she was born that way. But if Melody could send one message to the world, it would be that she wasn’t dumb. Melody had photographic memory, so she remembered everything. Everything. The phone numbers for businesses on TV, every lyric of every song she listened to, every artist of every painting she saw. But Melody’s problem was that everyone thinks she didn’t know anything. She drools, she screeches. Nobody knew that Melody was extremely smart. Soon, Melody starts going to school, but she longs to be in a regular classroom with regular kids. Unfortunately, she’s stuck in the H-5 classroom, with all the other disabled kids. A program starts when the H-5 students visit the regular classrooms. Will Melody be able to show her smarts?

I really enjoyed this for many reasons- it showed a story about a girl who had to show the world who she was, when everyone doubted her, including herself. It shows life from a very different perspective, and makes you feel so thankful and lucky if you don’t have any disabilities.


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