Teens Review: Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix (Book 1 of the Shadow Children Series)

amongBy Maevis, middle schooler

A boy named Luke has been forced into hiding since he was born, by law. Luke lives in a society where only two children are allowed per family. Luke is a third child, so he must stay hidden or else he is executed. Soon, Luke’s family’s woods is to be cut down for a new neighborhood. Now Luke is going into extra extra precaution in case he is caught. The reason for this is because the woods blocked out most vision of the house, therefore Luke. With the woods gone, Luke could be much easier caught.

One day, Luke peeks through a slat in the attic (his bedroom) to the new houses. Then, Luke sees a flash of a face at a nearby house. But there were already two boys walking to the car for a ride to school. Could the house next door to Luke really have another third child?

I really enjoyed this book for many reasons– it kept you reading and reading into an amazing story. It is plot twisting and you can’t expect anything. I have no critical remarks about this book. If you haven’t read this book, definitely give it a try!

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